Automation Services

Introducing Automation as a Service

Automation as a Service (AaaS) is intended to disrupt the IT and professional services industries by democratizing robotic process automation (RPA) (RPA). Our one-stop solution is provided at a set fee per process and is meant to make RPA more affordable to enterprises. AaaS is built on our multiple successful customer deployments globally.

What is Automation as a Service?

Automation as a Service (AaaS) bundles research, teaching, consultancy, and execution under a set fee-per-process paradigm. As an Automation Solution Company California, Our RPA services provide customers greater value, simplified delivery, and peace of mind. The following video discusses the AaaS service in greater depth.

Automation has gone beyond the confines of executing repetitive jobs and cost-cutting. It simplifies processes, boosts efficiency, and delivers a significantly improved client experience. In the age of ever-growing competition, globalization, and dynamic business cycles, there is greater attention on innovation, boosting agility, and lowering operational complexity. Automation Services comes to the rescue to efficiently fulfill these aims.

Automation Services are in high demand, thanks to the rising usage of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The Automation-as-a-Service market is anticipated to rise to USD 6.23 Billion by 2022.

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN OUR automation as a service (AAAS) PACKAGE


  • Robotics Process Automation Report
  • Artificial Intelligence Report
  • 400+ Use Cases across different areas

  • Intermediate RPA Training
  • RPA Advanced Training
  • Business Analyst Training
  • Infrastructure
  • CoE Setup
  • CXO Level Workshop



  • Customized RPA Workshop
  • RPA High-Level Process Scan
  • Deep Dive Assessment
  • Automation Enablement
  • Customized Board Paper
  • MindPrice App
  • Contract Negotiation

Our Approach

At, we believe in the principle of AUTOMATE EVERYTHING™. We try to alter the service delivery and operational process to achieve efficient productivity, accuracy, and cost savings.

At, we envision an automation path with three primary goals: incident prevention, early restoration, and Automation Services requests.

We take a 3-step strategy to automation – Identity, Advise, and Build & Support a use case-based method where we guarantee specified success rates. With an ever-growing pool of use cases, we support organizations in making educated choices when commencing their automation path.

We are vendor neutral and advise organizations about the most efficient Digital Automation Services suited for unique needs.

Automation Services
Automation Services

Identification advisors engage with your team to find possible Digital Automation Solution use cases. An automated journey starts by receiving inputs from many sources, such as Incident ticket data, information from tower leaders, etc. A feasibility study is done for the automation use cases


  • In-house domain specialists record the current procedure
  • Next, they discuss the defined process and have it approved
  • A detailed study of the existing tool set is next
  • Build and Support
  • The advisory team passes on the automated use cases to the development team (BOT factory) (BOT factory)
  • The automation system is designed and deployed.
  • The success rate of each automation use case is recorded

We have a strong team of technical professionals in the fields of Machine Learning, Digital Automation Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, and NLP to support our clients in designing powerful automation solutions.

Automation Services