Official 1st Prize Winner in Kardiachain Hackathon, June 2022 - (Our Web 3.0 Protocol Coming Soon To Market)

Grow Global
There is only one global language that is far more valuable than anything else. Its called Love.

Web 3.0 Integration

How to make a beginning in the decentralized world

GrowGlobal gives you a fast paced ignition to Web 3.0 world. Convert your existing projects to  support Metamask/Coinbase integration and create your own cryptocurrency, NFT portals and membership based engines.

Build Your eCommerce

When your company needs to go global

We are an e-Commerce lifestyle brand. What it means for your business – we help you setup your online store and build your brand presence. A registered partner with InstaMojo and Shopify. 

Salesforce and Multiple Systems Connect

What your company needs to integrate globally

We are a registered partner with Integromat ( and Salesforce. What that means is, we connect multiple systems together and allow the seamless flow of data accross multiple channels. Read more in our case studies.

Why Us

How we do it

Gain Digital Advantage

Innovative strategies

Your business needs innovation. And innovation is not just another jargon. Its all about solving those pain points in a fashion that supports automation and removes redundancy. Focus more on your sales and let our design thinking approach be your helping hand in your online journey.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Cutting Edge Technologies

We are a technology first company. Our solutions are the most updated ones be it in the field of blockchain or augmented reality. Once we understand your business, we think more like a partner. We do not stop , unless we have a strong understanding of your business, we do not stop. And when we do, our design thinking approach kicks in!

Our seeds for the future

NFTs, Blockchain and Smart Contracts

We have developed first hand exposure in coding NFT marketplaces, cryptocurrency coins and creating own smart contracts for businesses that are looking to take a plunge into the future. Give your business the gift from the future, by engaging in a discussion with us today. Book a coffee with us here


Case studies

About Us

Who we are

We are a growth oriented startup based out of India and we love to work with businesses like YOURS.

We are the decisive friend behind your success

We are a group of tech enthusiasts having a wide technological domain experience in the field of Blockchain, Salesforce, Digital Marketing and e-Commerce. When you talk with us, you would surely get to know our design thinking approach.

Being a registered partner with companies like Salesforce, amoCRM, – we get to setup the entire technological landscape that is affordable yet sophisticated for small businesses. If you aspire to grow globally, we are more than happy to be your friend!

Some of

Our clients